"...Contemplating, Preserving & Implementing Traditional Islamic Knowledge"

Our Goal

The aim of Suffah Educational Guidance and Masjid is to provide a place of prayer for the growing local Muslim community and a center for contemplation, preservation, and implementation of traditional Islamic knowledge.

Important Announcement

In Compliance With Governor Pritzker's new guidelines set for religious facilities, Administration is pleased to announce that InshaAllah from Saturday May 30th,Masjid E Suffah will remain open for five times daily Salah with certain capacity limits and social distancing recommendations set by the Governor of IL and IL department of health. Musallees are advised to please bring their own mask  and prayer mat. Note: Masjid will be opened 15 minutes before prayer and closed 15 minutes after the prayer. 

May Allah Protect all Of Us &Our Families. 

Suffah Administration.


The Women's Balcony Prayer Hall is open for daily prayers except Jumu'ah Prayer.

Upcoming Projects

  1. Remodeling of Kitchen
  2. Remodeling of washrooms
  3. Making new class rooms

Please Donate generously 

 Short Term Course (For Ladies)

 Suffah Educational ( 6400 Artisan Ave) Starting Short Term Course (Learning Quran with Tejweed & More) for Women and Girls.  
Follow are the Course contents:                                   
  • Bahishti Zeewar   
  • Minhajul Arabiya 
  • Basic Arabic Grammar 
  • Seerat Un Nabi 
  • Quran With Tejweed                             
Please contact Qari Abdul Manan (773-787-7366) for more information. 

Weekly Programs

Monday : Bayan on Basic Masael  By Qari Abul                                   Manan Sahb (After Isha)

Friday :   Weekly Gathering By Sheikh Obaid Sahb                            (After Isha)

Sunday:   Dars E Qur'an By Mufti Abdul Sattar Patel                          Sahb (After Isha)

Weekend Programs

Program for Ladies and Girls:    10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Program for Men and Boys  :     10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

 Daily Prayers Timing

 Khateeb For Jummah Prayers

   Molana Amjad Ali Sahb 

Sheikh Obaid Sahb

Mufti Sohail Sahb

Molana Zahid Sahb