Ramadan Mubarak

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This Ramadan, our challenges will test our character and imaan. Given the COVID-19 situation, it may seem disheartening to think the masjid doors are closed. However, Believers do not become disheartened, but instead, look to strengthen their resolve and imaan. You, too, can strengthen your resolve and imaan by donating towards Masjid E Suffah  this Ramadan.

You cannot thank Allah SWT enough when you stop to think of His countless blessings. Allah SWT blessed us for having this masjid. While folks may not be able to attend at this trying time, here you pray obligatory prayers, Jummah prayers, and Taraweeh prayers in congregation, thus receiving 25 times more blessings. Besides this ,When this pandemic starts since mid March and to date ours Hifz classes for both girls and boys are in sessions virtually .

May Allah SWT allow you to get more blessings when you contribute towards the upkeep of this masjid. By the grace of Allah SWT, this masjid facilitates close to one million Sujood by musalees like you every year. On the Day of Judgement, this masjid will testify for you for performing salah and fulfilling your obligations to contribute your fair share for its maintenance and upkeep.

You will get more blessings when you make the intention to invoke Sadaqatul-Jariyah for your parents, who have raised you to be a practicing Muslim and to be successful in this life and the Hereafter. In Sha Allah, you will set an example for your children and your future.

This Ramadan, while you're in the safety and comfort  at your home, please donate generously towards Masjid E Suffah to be able to continue the aforementioned programs to our upcoming generations until we can all meet at the masjid again very soon.     

                                                                                  Qari Abdul Mannan                                                                                                                      President Suffah Educational Guidance