"...Contemplating, Preserving & Implementing Traditional Islamic Knowledge"

The aim of Suffah Educational Guidance and Masjid is to provide a place of prayer for the growing local Muslim community and a center for contemplation, preservation, and implementation of traditional Islamic knowledge.


Short Term Course (For Ladies)

 Suffah Educational ( 6400 Artisan Ave) Starting Short Term Course (Learning Quran with Tejweed & More) for Women and Girls. Registration Starts from Monday 09-17-2018 and classes will start 10-01-2018 (10 AM - 12 PM) 

Following are the Course contents:                                                        1- Bahishti Zeewar    2- Minhajul Arabiya  3- Basic Arabic Grammar  4- Seerat Un Nabi      5- Quran With Tejweed                             

Please contact Qari Abdul Manan (773-787-7366) for more information. 

Weekend Program

Our Saturday Classes have started, we are still accepting registrations for this program for those who are interested. These classes will be taught in English by the following scholars:

Mufti Sohail Bengali, Maulana Obaid Bengali, Maulana Zahid, Qari Abdul Mannan. 

Please contact us for additional information or registration details.

The Women's Balcony Prayer Hall is open for daily prayers except Jumu'ah Prayer.
Please Donate generously to pay off the Qarz-e-Hasanah of the Masjid.
Inshallah, remodeling of the kitchen, washrooms, and other additional classrooms will commence once the Qarz-e-Hasanah is paid off.