Alhamdulillah, for the past 17 years, our institute has graduated over 190 Huffaz in the Chicagoland area. At our institute, we provide many amenities for our students such as the Hifz program, an Alim course for men and women, and much more. 

We have intended to expand our school to a larger and more practical facility. With the support of our teachers, students, and most importantly the community, we have bought a former church in Skokie, IL. Only with the grace and mercy of Allah SWT and your generous support can we fulfill the necessity of expanding our institute and serving the community. We wish to enlarge our horizon at the new facility by starting programs for adults, adolescents, and children alike. In the future this institute will be a Masjid and a means of learning for all. Your support is needed for the accomplishment and the betterment of this institute.

Our Staff

Qari Abdul Manan                   Dean (Principal)

Talha Habib                                Administrator

Skokie Location

Qari Arshad                              Full Time Hafiz Teacher

Hafiz Kamran                           Part Time Hafiz Teacher

Hafiz Ismail                              Part Time Hafiz Teacher

Female Staff                              Part Time Hafiz Teacher

Devon Location

Mufti Abdul Sattar                    Hafiz & Alim Teacher

Qari Abdul Samad                    Hafiz Teacher

Moulana Afzal                          Hafiz Teacher

Moulana Bashar                        Hafiz Teacher

Moulana Aqlad                         Hafiz Teacher

Hafiz Ahmed Ali                      Hafiz Teacher

Visiting Staff

Mufti Sohail Bengali

Maulana Obaid Bengali

Maulana Zahid




Suffah Masjid & Educational Center

8201 Karlov Ave.

Skokie, Il 60076

Admin: 773-681-4727

Mosque: 224-470-2161


Office Hours

Monday - Friday   09 AM - 7 PM

Saturday               10  AM - 2 PM